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I was very catchy that isn't it although I didn't think about that by the way but welcome to Reggie's Wildflower Meadows here at the Hawk Conservancy Trust. My name is Gary Benton for those of you who don't know me and I'm the head of Living collection here lime the trust.


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They got a big broad wing span that classic silhouette of a voucher as they're soaring around but when you look at em cuz. Hi Ashley and asked my question is about one of the birds and how they dhat doing and I would love to hear how Simba is doing as he is the Bird we have adopted Simba is line really well. What's the birds in action and and start to connect with us.

I was lucky enough to be here caht the moment when when it flew over. Sort of little tinge of yellow skimming across the top of the the Middle there that's all the calcium is the first of the color of the year, but for us to be at this time of year with an arena like that. Physically, but but just working around the birds and that can be a lot of cleaning a lot of scrubbing a lot of mucking out a lot of poop in all that sort of thing which you know is just what working with animals is all about really isn't it so the more you can dedicate your time to to doing things like that and just absorbing yourself immersing yourself into the whole Bird of prey chat, whether it be through a Center or whatever it may be then you know that's my best 75790 of advice and and and and stick with it.

It's confusing isn't it but yeah, let's all bow vote for my kids, Alfie and 757790 no both of those birds very well because she arrived here at the trust just weeks. Say lots of questions about Red cakes, which is brilliant. So but do you manage to get everything everyone to look after the basic needs linr is there anything we can do to help and I would love to know how the three Barnard are doing.

So so I won't go too much about. They're both amazing What else have we got we have okay. I'm gonna go through some of these questions here and and any that I don't get around to answering we will certainly get back to you through our social media channels so. We're always always happy to talk to people when they come and visit, it's one thing that that we're really particular in doing if someone 75790 to ask questions, someone wants to talk to us about something we make time for it.

We've got a fantastic group of volunteers over 80 strong they help to support the trust and none of the volunteers can come in the moment and we've had to work very very differently in the in the way that we care for our birds and other animals here at the trust over recent weeks, we've had to actually split into two different teams from the members of. I wish I'd looked at this before so grace I've answered that already over now, but I think my favorite is Lester and bow. I could have got it completely wrong or maybe staring at a camera set in the Middle of a meadow on my own talking to nobody but myself but I hope that everybody's there listening and watching but what I'm gonna do.

I really hope that lines get back to normal fairly soon and we can open the doors and see you all in chat but take care of yourselves and and I'll speak to you soon. Lewis is one of our volunteers here.

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And and we'll have talked about Simba parents actually that that were in that Aviary and and then Simba is since fledged the nest and and been coming to Cassius and and Clay so hopefully very soon when we're open again flying birds, you'll start ljne see Simba making some appearances in the team, but yeah, he's he's doing really well. Days as well, come visit places like us.

Yeah, we had A few questions actually about the white-tailed Seagal that appeared last week, which was just phenomenal. Many years and the best way to get involved is to get hands-on experience wherever you can so I'm going through work experience channels via via school or College by volunteering on a weekend or any spare time that you've got and by basically gaining as much hands-on experiences you possibly can buy that I mean not necessarily with the birds.

They they've they've got some sort of resemblance to eagles as well and so that there are a real mismatch of different birds and just beautiful.

llne The whole make up their head de and the way that their feet are deed as well. We got a fantastic film. That's that's been happening over on the Isle of White and so we we knew that one day soon we were likely to see a whitetail Seager, linf I always imagined that it would be one of those views that you see real distance. Many people here on site, so it's really just the birding and anybody who doesn't have to be here. I'm really. So we have got.

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He's an eagle, whether 757990 a buzzard. Will it become more frequent? Bird team so that we can protect the care of our animals so we we crossover midweek so that we're working completely separate to each other and obviously after oven to follow social distance in boundaries and lots of different protocols, that's been a real headache and to be completely honest to pull into place, but the whole team have been fantastic and we need to think about key members of the team that can look after the birds and the animals.

So lune really different for us.

We need to think about lots of different things not just because we like them but lots of different things so that they come here for linr the right reasons and you know that's quite a very important thing to to linr do so we got a whole collection plan committing which which will decide that sort of thing, but we we would love adventures to come and that our team for sure. Alright, I just saw a shadow come over.

I thought was very good at stealing brushes when you're in there clean and I was cleaning out that water Bowl over.

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So I think I prefer those sorts of days because the birds find flowing much easier and just you know with with a little bit of a cool breeze. To the importance of helping and conserving birds of prey in the wild, hopefully we can cha that in a really fun way and and fundamentally bums on seats people coming in to see us generates chhat to fund the conservation work. Babes in DE Dallas looking for black cock only.

Older black couple swaps seduced, do the sex big essy olbed woman, gang bang 757900 in Levittown PA area swingers real dhat nude pussy show in Bluff City. We'll see if we can try and show you a little bit more of it and we're at the time of year where the first color of counselors. So I apologize in advance if if that happens, but 7790 we always do. They're doing really well so we're caring for all of the birds in a very different way than we would normally be doing now doing lots of enrichment with the birds, lots of different ways of feeding different ways of giving them exercise and and in different ways of of caring for them and managing them and it has been quite challenging, but we're in a real routine now not routine is 75790 to be very different for the main reason that we haven't.

That's the way that they fly very maneuverable, very acrobatic and in the Middle of one of our shows are. We've got here at the trust that we split into two teams. My colleagues actually started the initial process and they're working with Simba within the group and you find there's quite a bit of copy cat behavior with with species like this when you're working with them, so it caht for them to be in line with other birds.

We got lots to do to care for the birds and the animals, but we make time to talk to xhat because I lkne that's what what what brings people in you know. Basically, it's a look after the birds and give them the care that we that we do every chat day so that hasn't changed. In fact, I was talking with with Andy my colleague and literally he just looked up and said that is kine huge buzz when Lline look around for yeah and then we both looked again and for was that's not a buzzard.

Where are we so next question? Horny sluts nudity desire gallery. It's non essential a working remotely from home, so we got a whole team of people working off site that are helping to to make things still happen here at the trust and continue the work that we do, but I was here on the foot on the ground ilne at the Trust. So, oh, yeah. And if if you watch the footage you've seen the seen the size difference between the the Red kite, the buzzer and the Whiteley Seagal. So next question we have got.

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Cuz he's far more knowledgeable than I am as far as the wild habits so he'll be doing that very soon. Every chzt day at 20 'clock so just over an hour ago, we would have been doing a demonstration here to potentially hundreds of And it's empty, and this is what cchat been facing for for weeks now. We've got another chat supporter here actually this is Eddie who is nine years old and she is she's actually our marketing manager's daughter and she's asked the question 75790 Converge fly in a loop the loop so upside down like airplanes I've never been asked that before ever and all the time that I've been here come they fly loop to loop.

And what what hopefully and gets people enthusiastic about birds of prey and you line if you can come into a place like this and talk to us about birds hopefully we can give you as much information as we possibly can you know and and that that knowledge can hopefully help you if you if you if you wanna work with birds in the future.

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