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RFC Fielding, et al. Because these elements are inextricable from other aspects of the protocol, and because they yo with each other, it is useful to describe the basic caching de of HTTP separately from the detailed descriptions of methods, headers, response codes, etc.


A user agent that receives Howw stale response without a Warning MAY display a warning indication to the user. This method relies on the fact that if two different responses were sent by the origin server during the same second, but both had the same Last-Modified time, then at least one of those responses would have a Date value equal to its Last-Modified time.

The warning allows clients to take appropriate action. Note: in order to provide semantically transparent caching, an origin server must avoid reusing a specific strong entity tag value for two different entities, or reusing a specific weak entity tag value for two semantically different entities. The former reduces the of network round-trips required for many operations; we use an "expiration" mechanism for this purpose see section Multiple warnings MAY be attached to matcch response either by the origin server or by a cacheincluding multiple warnings with the same code.

This means that the response is always stale, and so the cache SHOULD validate it before using it for subsequent requests. Strong validators are usable in any context.

How to get a response on match

However, a cache cannot do a conditional retrieval if it does not have a validator for the entity, which means it will gett be refreshable after it expires. Protocol features that allow a cache to attach warnings to responses that do not preserve the requested approximation of semantic transparency. For this reason, a grt SHOULD NOT return a stale response if the client explicitly requests a first-hand or fresh one, unless it is impossible to comply for technical or policy reasons.

A response received with a status code of, or MAY be stored by a cache and used in reply to a subsequent request, subject to the expiration mechanism, unless a cache-control directive prohibits caching. Protocol features that allow an origin server or user agent to explicitly request and HHow non-transparent operation.

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The Date values are ordered to a granularity of one second. Alternatively, one can think of a strong validator as part of an identifier for a specific entity, while a weak validator is part of an identifier for a set of semantically equivalent entities.

Why am I not getting any replies to my messages?

Because of network-imposed delays, some ificant interval might pass between the time that a server generates a response and the time it is received at the next outbound cache or client. That is, it is possible to request either that a method be performed if and only if a validator matches or if and only if no validators match. An entity tag is strong unless it is explicitly tagged as weak. The cache-control directives are described in detail in section If a stored response is not "fresh enough" by the most restrictive freshness requirement of both the client and the origin server, in carefully considered circumstances the cache MAY still return the response with the appropriate Warning header see section When multiple warnings are attached to a response, it might not be practical or reasonable to display all of them to the user.

If the user has overridden the basic caching mechanisms, the user agent SHOULD explicitly indicate to the user whenever this in the display of information that might not meet the server's transparency requirements in particular, if the displayed entity is known to be stale.

If uncorrected, this delay could result in improperly low ages. Both of these options increase constraints on the behavior of caches, and so cannot further relax the cache's approximation of semantic transparency.

A client's request MAY specify the maximum age it is willing to accept of an unvalidated response; specifying a value of zero forces the cache s to revalidate all responses. It Hod an appropriate Not ModifiedProxy Redirector error 4xx or 5xx response message. Be positive and optimistic, be truthful and compassionate. Thus, we avoid transmitting the full response if the validator matches, and we avoid an extra round trip if it does not match. A client MAY also specify the minimum time remaining before a response expires.

How to get a response on match

Support for weak validators is optional. Warnings also carry a warning text. Servers MUST NOT depend on clients being able to choose deterministically between responses generated during mtch same second, if their expiration times overlap. For example, either kind is usable for a conditional GET of a full entity.

Servers Howw explicit expiration times using either the Expires header, or the max-age directive of the Cache-Control header. The latter reduces network bandwidth requirements; we use a "validation" mechanism for this purpose see section The protocol includes both positive and negative senses of cache- validating conditions. We discuss how to calculate the latter in section A cache or origin server receiving a conditional request, other than a full-body GET request, MUST use the strong comparison function to evaluate the condition.

If the Date values are equal, then the client MAY use either response or MAY, if it is being extremely prudent, request a new response. natch

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The primary mechanism for avoiding requests is for an origin server to provide an explicit expiration time in the future, indicating that a response MAY be used to satisfy subsequent requests. However, weak validators allow for more efficient caching of equivalent objects; for example, a hit counter on a site is probably good enough if it is updated every few days or weeks, and any value during that period is likely "good enough" to be equivalent. We use the Cache-Control header for this purpose.

How to get a response on match

Requirements for performance, availability, and disconnected operation require us to be able to relax the goal of semantic transparency. The cache MUST attach Warning to any response whose age is more than 24 hours if such warning has not already been added.

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