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Old Testament. There is no verb "to marry" or noun "marriage" in biblical Hebrew. That said, a worvs for "marry" in the New International Version English translation brings up almost 50 hits. But what they render "marry" is "take a woman. The Hebrew is "be given to a man" or "belong to a man.


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Oter The attraction being thus constantly and Ogher used as a bait, both by individuals and by society, any discussion tending to strip it of its illusions and get at its real natural history is nervously discouraged. There is some sense in a contract to perform or abstain from actions that are reasonably within voluntary control; but such contracts are only needed to provide against the possibility of either party being no longer desirous of the specified performance or abstention.

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The other is without Mass and only takes about 20 minutes. Its grave danger to the nation lies in its narrow views, its unnaturally sustained and spitefully jealous concupiscences, its petty tyrannies, its false social pretences, its endless grudges and squabbles, its sacrifice of the boy's future by setting him to earn money to help the family when he should be in training for his adult life remember the boy Dickens and the blacking factoryand of the girl's chances by making her a slave to sick or selfish parents, its unnatural packing into little brick boxes of little parcels of humanity of ill-assorted ages, with the old scolding or beating the young for behaving like young people, and the young hating and thwarting the old for behaving like old people, and all the other ills, mentionable and unmentionable, that arise from excessive segregation.

Shelley might have had an illegitimate child in every county in England if he had done so frankly as a sinner. But it is none the less necessary to take a firm stand against the monstrous proposition that because certain attitudes and sentiments may be heroic and admirable at some momentous crisis, they should or can be maintained at the same pitch continuously through life. What is more, as the same fantastic errors are inculcated in men, and the conscientious ones therefore feel bound in honor to stand by what they have promised, one of the surest methods to obtain a husband is to practise on his susceptibilities until he is either carried away into a promise of marriage to which he can be legally held, or else into an indiscretion which he must repair by marriage on pain of having to regard himself as a scoundrel and a seducer, besides facing the utmost damage the lady's relatives can do him.

There is a recessional hymn which accompanies everyone out of the church.

Christianity began with a fierce attack on marriage; and to this day the celibacy of the Roman Catholic priesthood is a standing protest against its compatibility with the Othed life. It is true that it is a relation beset with wildly extravagant illusions for inexperienced people, and that even the most experienced people have not always sufficient analytic faculty to disentangle it from gerting sentiments, sympathetic or abhorrent, which may spring up through the other relations which are compulsorily attached to it by our laws, or sentimentally associated with it in romance.

Other words for getting married

They still defend the citadel on the side on which nobody is attacking it, and leave its weakest front undefended. We feel a strange anguish of terror and hatred against him, as against one who threatens us with a mortal injury.

Other words for getting married

Nevertheless the population declines, because the high birth rate of the very poor is counterbalanced by a huge infantile-mortality in the slums, whilst the very rich are also the very few, and are gettint sterilized by the spreading gettung of their women against excessive childbearing—sometimes against gerting childbearing. The people who talk and write as if the highest attainable state is that of a family stewing in love continuously from the cradle to the grave, can hardly have given five minutes serious consideration to so outrageous a proposition.

The natural foundation of the institution of monogamy is not any inherent viciousness in polygyny or polyandry, but the hard fact that men and women are born in about equal s. So little is expected of them that in Sheridan's School for Scandal we hardly notice that the heroine is a female cad, as detestable and dishonorable in her repentance as tor is vulgar and silly in her naughtiness.

Grtting we could get rid of our inferiors and screw up our average quality until mediocrity ceased to be a reproach, thus making every man reasonably eligible as a father and every woman reasonably desirable as a mother, polygyny and polyandry would immediately fall into sincere disrepute, because monogamy is so much more convenient and economical that nobody would want to share a husband or a wife if he or she could have a sufficiently good one all to himself or herself.

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They lived the lives of old men contentedly. That assumption is that the specific relation which marriage authorizes between the parties is the most intimate and personal of human relations, and embraces all the other high human relations. Now this is violently untrue. Ibsen's similitude of the machine-made chain stitch, which unravels the whole seam at the first pull when a single stitch is ripped, is very applicable to the knot of marriage.

Women are secluded and marriages are arranged.

Official Catholic doctrine regarding marriage The consent by which the spouses mutually give and receive one another is sealed by God himself. If all married people really lived together, no doubt the mere force of facts would make an end to this inhuman nonsense in a month, if not sooner; but it is very seldom brought to that test.

Other words for getting married

In the British Empire we have unlimited Kulin polygamy, Muslim polygamy limited to four wives, child marriages, and, nearer home, marriages of first cousins: all of them abominations in the eyes of many worthy persons. The answer of the specialists is the one already alluded to: that the attack on marriage is an attack on property; so that Shelley was something more hateful to a husband than a horse thief: to wit, a wife thief, and something more hateful to a wife than a burglar: namely, one who would steal her husband's house from over her head, and leave her destitute and nameless on the streets.

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They were men of business: that is, men for the most part engaged in routine work which exercized neither their minds nor their bodies to the full pitch of their capacities. They were, except as to their clothes, "not particular": that is, they could put up with ugly sights and sounds, unhealthy smells, and inconvenient houses, with inhuman apathy gtting callousness.

Other words for getting married

The respectable men all regarded the marriage ceremony as a rite which absolved them from the laws of health and temperance; inaugurated a life-long honeymoon; and placed their pleasures on exactly the same footing as their prayers. It is harder to keep up the supply of elephants than of sparrows and worde and for the same reason it will be harder to keep up the supply of highly cultivated men and women than it now is of agricultural laborers.

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The reason is obvious. Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Other words for getting married

A military state organized so as to carry out exactly the impulses of the average soldier would not last a year. But a statesman tolerating amateur surgical practice with inky penknives in school would be a very bad Minister of Education.

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Conscious goodness, like conscious muscular effort, may be of use in emergencies; but for everyday national use it is negligible; and its effect on the character of the individual may easily be disastrous. As long as the man wants, she is his "till death do they part.

Marriage as a fact is not in the least like marriage as an ideal. He often means something that he dare not avow: ownership of the person of another human being, for instance. Indeed, this can hardly be called guessing: the evidence is in the streets.

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I do not mean that it is worse: I mean simply that it gtting different. A life spent in prayer and alms giving is really as insane as a life spent in cursing and picking pockets: the effect of everybody doing it would be equally disastrous. If matters were left to these simple folk, there would never be any changes at all; and society would perish like a snake that could not cast its skins.

Certainly the marriage law is.

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It is an educational and maturing process for married life. It Othsr entirely proper and natural to them that out of every twenty-four hours of their lives they should pass eight shut up in one room with their wives alone, and this, not birdlike, for the mating season, but all the year round and every year.

Other words for getting married

The ceremony including Mass is as follows: Entrance rite: there is a procession, which may include a hymn.

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